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'' ♥ ♥ ------------The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh :D . Crying gives me a headache -.- ------------♥ ♥ ''


Helohelo ! Welcom to my site.Hope you enjoy reading my blog and thanks for visiting . Newayy,I'm new in the blogging section. Hope you can give some guidance to me. I really really appreciate it and if you think that my blog is interesting ( erkk -,- cehh ! tralalal ~) , just click the 'FOLOW' button kayy . Hee ~ Thankyouu =) *sorry if my blog is sometimes a little bit ridiculous . Hihi .

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Yeah Yeah ! SUPERWOMAN =P What, like childish ?  Do I care ? Huh , I know you are jealous on me .. Welkk ! Hihi .  You  want to know why the title is SUPERWOMAN ? Haa,read this .. 

You know what,I had a dream of what I would like to be when I was seven years old . My dream was to be..jengjengjeng! a SUPERWOMAN :D . Cool rite ? :)Haha, I have a dream to be a SUPERWOMAN because I want to have SUPER POWERS .Bhaha!(Normal lh kan ,pemikiran budak 7 tahun =P).Moreover,being a superwoman can make me stronger and braver.So ,no one can bully me again ,otherwise I would bully them back.Hoho !(takut tak,takut tak ?)Haha ,no lh. I would like to be a SUPERWOMAN who can fly.This is because flying is just amazing xD .I can also go anywhere I want to by flying .. Thaha ! (What a silly thing).Another reason why I would like to be a SUPERWOMAN is because it can make people proud of me.People will admire me because I am kind and helpful. Ececehh ! woott xP . HAHA! This will make children look up to me as their ROLE MODEL.It is a wonderful feeling when people look up to you as a hero <3 <3 WOAHH! Hehe . I hope that the dream that I have will become true one day :) This is so that I can help people and take care of world. It will give me a good feeling.And the people can live happily ever after .. That's all from me ,Miss Zellweger :D

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fixie !

Wootwoot ! Fixie ..  PINK,HITAM,PUTIH,MERAH <3 I loike <3 . Trend zaman sekarang ..Dulu '' Gerakan Anti Fixie . SAY to Fixshit '' but now minat gila babun lh pulakk . Thehe ! asalnya,aku tak suka tengok benda ni sebb besar n tinggi sangat and  bila tengok boys kayuh fixie,punggung semua naikk xD . BHAHA ! sumpah kelakarr ..
Sekarang niee , kemana jekk aku pergi,mesti ade fixie beratur kat tepi tepi toO . Huh ! JEALOUS MAK SEDARA ..Sekarangg kebanyakan budakbudak sch aku guna fixie sebagai transport dorg untuk ke sekolahh .. colourful ohh ! :D pagipagi lg dahh dapat tengok 'pelangi ' HAHA . Suka pulakk aku tengokk .
;D Yeah man ! Now i got a new mission .. iaitu ... jengjengjeng ! hahaha .. pujuk my parents supaya belikan fixie untuk akuu . Wubwub ! THEHE ! boleh aku poyo poyo dengan ''TheLiceBoy'' =P just wait and see yehh . Haha ! just kidding dude :) okay lahh sampai sini jehh . Byebye guys ~ I LOVE FIXIE FUCKINGMUCHDAMN ! :D

FRIEND n LOVE story ;)

One day,LOVE and FRIEND go out together for a walk.Suddenly,LOVE fall into a deep river.
Why ? Because LOVE is blind.Then FRIEND quickly jump into the river to save LOVE.
Why ? Because a good friend will always be there for us whenever,wherever and whatever we need.
But FRIEND couldn't find LOVE .
Why ? Because LOVE is too gentle,easy to lose when we didn't take care of it..
Finally,FRIEND give up and leave the LOVE there.
Why ? Because FRIEND will leave and ignore us if we don't know how to appreciate them :)